Saturday, December 23, 2017

3 Ways to Make Money From Internet Without Capital

3 Ways to Make Money From Internet Without Capital

  • 1. Create Link Shortener

If you intend to share a link with your friends, you can change it first the link through the website that provides Link Shortener services. One of the well-known websites is, Linkbucks,,, and many others.

This website will change the link you want to share into a web that displays ads for 5 seconds, where the person who visited the link should see the ad and wait 5 seconds until he / she can continue to the real link.

Note: Each Link Shortener service provider website has different revenue and is calculated based on how many visitors and the number of clicks on the ad.

  • 2. Follow a Paid Online Survey

All companies need a survey to find out what the community thinks about a product. Therefore, we are indispensable in giving an opinion about a product that is being marketed by a company.

We can participate in the survey by visiting paid survey provider websites. Each survey usually has different points and points can be redeemed if it has reached a certain number, depending on the policy of the website itself.

Reward that we get can be a shopping voucher, pulse, until the cash (which will be sent to a Paypal account). Usually the survey will be sent via email and we just click on the link provided and answer all surveys in accordance with what we think about the product. Therefore, answer honestly to the existing survey so that we can also provide the best results for companies that need it.

Note: Surveys are not routinely sent every day, so wait for the survey. If there are incoming surveys, it is better to work quickly before the expiration date. The survey provider reserves the right to cancel your survey in the middle of the road if you are not a person who match the criteria required by the provider. So, once again Jaka remind you, do it carefully and be honest *. Survey usually lasts for 15-45 minutes, depending on whether or not you fill the survey.

  • 3. Writing Articles On Site Willing to Pay Your Writing

For those of you who like to write a news, tips, entertainment, and so forth, you better pour all your writing to sites that are willing to pay your writing. Especially for you who are in your spare time and want to share information that you like into an article.

Note: Each result of your writing will be checked by the site, so the decision published or not depends on the quality of writing and originality of the articles you write. Make sure you do not copy-paste someone else's article huh!

That's how to earn money via the internet. As long as you are enterprising and not bored with what you are trying to achieve, then believe that you will achieve it.

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