Friday, December 22, 2017

2 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

2 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency full of mystery, ranging from unknown creators to the many great incidents that occur like the hacking incident of one of the biggest bitcoin exchange that stirred the world. However, Bitcoin to this day still exists as Kryptocoin with the highest price that touches the price of more than 10grams of gold per one Bitcoin as of this writing. This is why bunch of people in droves want to get bitcoin.

In addition to the price that is expensive Bitcoin can also be used as a business field because the price is up and down over time. Bitcoin is not like money because there are no rules or laws that govern it.
But the bitcoin is more like a gold in virtual form because the bitcoin can be obtained free of charge and without rules that prohibit it.
But the problem is many people who do not know and wonder how to get free bitcoin ??

Actually there are many ways to get free bitcoin but there are only 3 ways to get the free bitcoin that I share here because it can definitely generate free bitcoin without fear of scam or fraud and very easy to apply

What are they???

  1. Mining or may be regarded as mined bitcoin
  2. From free bitcoin provider sites by way of Roll like

1. Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is a way to get free bitcoin by performing a mathematical calculation method that is done to decode bitcoin using a computer hardware called GPU. In doing mining you must have a powerful hardware because the maths calculations to be solved are really very complicated If you have a strong GPU hardware it will be much more easy to get loads of bitcoin by mining, Whereas if you are still relying on a regular PC GPU then it is likely to get a lot of very small bitcoins Although this way is free because if the real world we do something similar to gold mining but the difference we do it in a virtual world where no need take again will be charged taxes or other costs but this way requires a large budget at the beginning to by mining equipment such as computers with specifications GPU or so-called god-level VGA is definitely in bankroll with exorbitant prices. If you already have a computer with such high spec it can be said we are only waiting for free bitcoin results only So how to get free bitcoin by digging is reasonable for individuals who have enormous spending plan to purchase pc with High GPU Hardware Specification, and furthermore implies you have a mediocre capital will be very difficult to apply how to get free bitcoin by way of mining

2. Free Bitcoin from Roll site

Of the three ways to get the free bitcoin is meant here, the second way is the easiest way because you just do not need to change alias live clicks then free bitcoin will go straight to your wallet, is a site that offers you free bitcoin of 0.00000325 BTC up to 0.3 BTC every once an hour. A very easy way-very easy you just told to press the Roll button and then see the numbers that appear if the numbers appear

00000 ~ 9885 then you will get free bitcoin as much as 0.00000325 BTC apun if the number that appears is 10000 then you will get free bitcoin as much as 0.3 BTC or equivalent US $200 Dollar (bitcoin rate at writing)

Pretty easy is not it ???

How to get free bitcoin from
  1. Open the site If you are new to the site first then you must register first
  2. Enter your email address, password and your bitcoin wallet address, and do not forget to enter code 548481 in refferal column then click SIGN UP
  3. After finished creating the account it's time you start getting bitcoin free by clicking the ROLL button then wait for the number to appear, if it is then see the number
If the number is 0-9885 then you get 0.00000325 BTC, if the number that appears during roll is 10000 then you will get 0.325 BTC.

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