Thursday, December 28, 2017

2 ways to make money online 2018

1. Sell Your Own Book You can make money from your blog by selling your books, both print and digital (e book) format books. Your printed book may be published by a local or national publisher, or published by yourself (self-publishing). On the other hand, if you sell an e book, you do not have to wait to publish your book or spend money for your own publishing. All you do is convert your book from MS Word to PDF format. How payment for e - books can be transferred. To your bank account or.

Whatever the format of the book and its payment methods, the book you want. Of course, you should spend less time researching, writing and editing such helpful books. Personally, I will use this way to make money from my 3 Indonesian blogs. For blog, I plan to sell an e book in early December 2014. Release the book for two other blogs after that month.
5. Provide Services Illustration of earning money from your blog have some expertise? If yes, you can earn money by offering such expertise on your blog. For example, if you are adept at designing a logo, you can offer logo creation services to your blog visitors. In addition to logo creation services, services commonly offered by bloggers include: Blog designing services Blog creation services SEO services Indonesian or English article-making services Translation services Services typing thesis, thesis, or dissertation Translation services Purchase of goods If your client is without an intermediary, you will earn 100% money from your services. If instead, you must share commissions with your clients' intermediaries. Regardless of the source of the client, you should show your skills if you want many clients. The trick can be to make posts about your skills or create a platform. If you offer an article-writing service in English, the platform is a list of clients and a collection of your writing in English.

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